Best Masturbation Experience with a Fleshlite

Masturbation, in the recent days, has become something that both men and women do when in need of sexual satisfaction at the absence of their partners. Several times, victims tend to use lubricated hands for pleasure, which is a tradition way of masturbation. Using your hands does not bring forth the desired pleasure of the real vagina and this to some extent has left many people not reaching orgasmic levels during this experience. Sexual toys have been introduced to enhance and improve the masturbation experience. The best masturbation tool that will give you full satisfaction is proven to be the fleshlite.

The fleshlite is a tool that resembles a flashlight in appearance. It is the bestselling masturbation tool in the market, which brings the greatest and exact feeling of the female’s erotic part. The sensation it gives to the masturbatory is extraordinary and can take him to climax easily and effectively.

The fleshlite was designed by Steve Shubin as a device for sperm collection. It was named flesh because the material used in its inner sleeves resembles the actual female parts which are flesh in nature. The inner sleeves are available in different forms. Some come with a resemblance of a vulva, anus or mouth. The colors also differ depending on the color of flesh from different ethnicity and different internal textures. The sizes may differ also as different sizes of penis are all catered for.

The fleshlite comes in different designs. The higher the design is rated, then the better the results. These designs include;

Stroker- this is closest to the real thing, it gives you a pornographic experience which is not likely to be compared to any other sex toy. It gives you the opportunity to control the speed and position just like how you would have done it inside a vagina.

Fleshlite accessory Runner Up; Launch-PAD- this will give you a real experience as it enables you get stimulated by your tablet. It aims to heighten the point-of-view experience of porn viewing and video chats at the same time. Basically you will have sex with your partner on video even though she will be miles away from you.

Vibro Pink Lady- This is the best for limited effort. It comes with a unique vibrating feature which increases the pleasure. The frequency of the vibrations can be controlled depending on the intensity one wants to experience. It can be found in different models including the butt model.

These products have taken masturbation experience to another level that will give you a real sensation that will leave you craving for more.